Stewards for Drillship

Job Summary

Stewards for Drillship on a 4-week on/off rotation.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Seniority Bonus
  • Rejoining Bonus


  • Previous experience in cabin steward or housekeeping roles, preferably in maritime or offshore environments, is often preferred.
  • Possession of relevant certifications such as in hospitality or housekeeping is essential.
  • Good health and physical fitness.
  • Completion of relevant OPITO training.
  • Ability to work well within a team to ensure cleanliness and comfort for all occupants.
  • Good communication to understand and fulfill the preferences of the crew.
  • Understanding and adherence to safety policies and procedures.

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform routine cleaning and maintenance of cabins, ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and comfort for occupants.
  • Change bed linens, replenish towels, and ensure proper presentation of cabin amenities.
  • Monitor and manage supplies for cleaning and cabin amenities, reporting shortages or issues promptly.
  • Conduct regular inspections of cabins to identify maintenance needs, report any damages, and ensure compliance with cleanliness standards.
  • Provide assistance and respond to specific requests from occupants, ensuring a high level of customer service.
  • Report any maintenance issues, damages, or unusual situations promptly to the relevant authorities.
  • Maintain accurate records of cabin cleaning schedules, inspections, and any issues encountered.

Working Conditions

  • Long-term contract
  • Joining Date: Every week
  • Voyage Duration: 28 days on/off